Setting up the terrain object and world registry

In order for Demeter to function correctly, it is necessary for world owners to make some simple modifications to their worlds before enabling the application for public use.

Included with all installations of Demeter is a "" file that contains the terrain object with which Demeter operates.  This file should be uploaded to the "models" directory of your world's object path before Demeter is enabled; otherwise, black triangles will be created instead of the terrain objects.  The file can be accessed either by browsing to the directory in which you installed Demeter and clicking on the "Terrain Object" folder, or by using the shortcut provided to you in the Start Menu.

After uploading the terrain object, it is necessary to make some changes to the world registry.  If your world does not have a registry, skip this step; however, Demeter will be unable to protect against the modification of terrain under others' property.  The correct entry to add to your world's registry is as follows:

terrain.rwx 0 0 0 0 495 0 495

Restart your world or use a Caretaker bot to reload the world's registry.  After performing these simple steps, Demeter is now ready to be enabled in your world!

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