The Activity Log

Demeter's Activity Log, pictured in the right half of this image, alerts the user to what's going on in the world where Demeter is enabled.

Demeter's Activity Log shows the actions of everyone in the world, as well as program messages and errors.

The Log, which has been modified since its earlier version, can now be resized so that all messages are visible.  Furthermore, it is grouped into five easy-to-read columns.  The columns can also be reordered.

The date and time of the action are listed in the first column.  The "type" of event is one of five values:

The privilege password the user is using is show in the third column; this column is omitted for "Message" and "Error" type events.  The Name column shows the name of the avatar; also omitted for "Message" and "Error" events.  A description of the event is displayed in the last column.

It is also possible to log the entries in the Activity Log to a file.  Enter the filename of the file to which you would like to log in the "Log to File" text box, or use the "Browse..." button to select a file.  Check the checkbox to enable logging.  The log format within the file looks similar to that in the Activity Log itself.

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