Basic Concepts of Paintball

Paintball, in its most basic form, is a game where players compete against each other to eject others from a world.  It was originally created in 1999 by Alex Grigny de Castro, maker of the Xelagot multi-purpose bot application.  In fact, the original script is still listed in the "examples" section of his site.

To play, players enter a world and click upon others' avatars.  In general, there is a safe area immediately around the world's entry point (referred to as "GZ" or ground zero).  When players exit from this area, they may click upon another person, at which point the person is ejected from the world.  The "killer" is then free to pursue other victims.

Ultimate Paintball enlarges upon the concept of paintball by eliminating some of the more tedious aspects of the original game (such as enabling avatar teleporting) and by adding new features that can possibly make the game more interesting for users (such as grenades).  In addition, advancements in Activeworlds technology have allowed the game to become much more competitive and entertaining than its original incarnations.

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