Setting game options

The Login form will appear after the application checks for upgrades, and should appear as in the following picture:

The Shoemaker Village Ultimate Paintball application functions as a network of bots.  Each instance of the application can run in one or more than one world.  All of the worlds that are run by a single instance of Ultimate Paintball share the same score and teams, regardless of the number of worlds in the network.  The settings at the top of the dialog apply to all worlds in the network, while all of the settings inside the red/black pane apply to individual worlds within the network only.  The settings within the pane can be changed for each world to allow players to experience different versions of paintball but still keep the same score and team assignments.

Network Options

To add a bot to the network, click the "Add" button and choose the settings you would like in the highlighted lower pane.  The name of the bot is then entered in the combo box at the top of the screen.  The "Edit" button allows you to edit a bot already entered - simply select the bot you would like to edit in the Combo box, and click "Edit."  Press "Delete" to delete the currently selected bot, but be warned that all information pertaining to that world will be lost.

The "Score File" option allows you to enable scoring.  To enable scoring, simply click the "Open" button and click the name of the score file you wish to open.  If you wish to begin scoring from scratch, simply enter the name of a file that doesn't exist, and choose "yes" when prompted to create the file.  See the Scoring page for more information about how scores are kept.  Click "disable" to disable scorekeeping.

The "Team File" option allows you to enable teams.  Use the same process to enable teams as to enable scoring.  Simply click "open" and enter a filename that either exists or doesn't exist.  More information about team matches can be found on the Teams page.

Individual World Options

Universe Host (not shown) - Version 4 of Ultimate Paintball allows users to host trans-universal paintball games by specifying different universes for individual bots.  Set the "Universe Host" field to the name or IP address of the server to which you would like to connect.  The default value is "," the Active Worlds universe.

Universe Port (not shown) - The port number on the universe server to which to connect.

Bot Name - This field allows you to specify the name of the bot for this particular world.  Bot names cannot be duplicated within the network.

GZ NW - Allows you to specify the northwest corner of the "GZ" safe area.  This area doesn't have to be near ground zero at all; it can be anywhere in the world.  Coordinates are entered in the form "5n 5w 1a 0."  The easiest way to determine the northwest corner of your safe area, if you don't already know the coordinates, is to face northwest inside the area, move to the corner of the safe area, and use another bot to determine your current location.  See Basic Concepts of Paintball for an explanation of "GZ."

GZ SE - Specifies the southeast corner of the "GZ" safe area.  The same rules apply to the southeast corner of the GZ area as to the northwest corner, and the exact location can be determined with ease in the same manner.

NW Limit - Specifies the northwest limit of the paintball field.  The rectangular field area determined by the NW and SE field limits can't exceed more than 400 by 400 square meters, or the chat range of the AW browser, since the paintball bot would be unable to whisper to players that are out of chat range.  Players outside of the paintball field will not be considered to be playing by the application, and won't be able to kill or be killed by other players.  See Basic Concepts of Paintball for an explanation of the "field."

SE Limit - Specifies the southeast limit of the paintball field.

Citizen number - Holds the citizen number of the owner of the bot in this world.  This number must have eject rights in the world, or the game will not function properly.

PPW - The privilege password of the citizen number specified in the "citizen number" field.  This password is different from a citizenship password and can be set by opening the Activeworlds browser, logging in, and selecting Options.... Citizen.

World - The name of the world for this bot to enter.

Avatar - The avatar number for the bot to use.  Avatar numbers can be easily found by counting down on the list of avatars in the Activeworlds browser in a particular world.  Avatar number zero will be the first on the list, avatar number two the second, and so on.

Enable Grenades - Specifies whether you wish to enable grenades for this world.  Check this box to enable grenades; uncheck it to disable grenades.  Visit the grenades page for more information on the Grenade Model and Grenade Action options.

Enable Frenzy Powerups - Specifies whether you wish to enable frenzy powerups for this world.  Check this box to enable frenzies; uncheck it to disable them.

Enable Skulls - Specifies whether you would like the bot in this world to drop skulls on the playing field after each kill.  Specify the model of the object to be dropped in the "skull model" field.  See skulls for more information.

Enable Avatar Teleporting - Specifies whether users are ejected from the world after each kill, or whether they will be teleported (in post-3.1 world servers) to the location specified in the "Location" field after each kill.

Enable Health/Healing Orbs - See health.

Average Field Elevation - The average elevation of the paintball field in meters.  This value is the altitude at which grenades and frenzy powerups are created.  If terrain is enabled in this world, the ideal value for this setting is the height of the highest mountain; otherwise, grenades and frenzy powerups may be created below the terrain and become inaccessible.

Require return to GZ to fire - If enabled, causes the bot in this particular world to disallow firing after a kill until the player returns to GZ.  This feature is useful in large worlds where players can enter and exit the paintball field at will from other areas of the world.  Used in conjunction with random teleportation and the GZ coordinates, interesting situations can be created.

Maximum Kill Distance - Specifies the distance in meters beyond which players will not be able to kill each other.

Allow Random Teleportation - Either allows users to randomly teleport themselves around the world by saying or whispering "rtp," causes players to be teleported at random after each kill, or enables both options.

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