Skulls and skull cleanup

Skulls are objects dropped when a player is killed.  The object model can be specified in the Login Options dialog box.  Skulls make it easy for game designers and players alike to see which places in a paintball field are the most effective for players to stake out.  However, after many kills, skulls begin to be found in too many places to be useful, and their presence can lag down gamers.

The Skull Cleanup dialog allows hosts to clear skulls in any or all worlds in the network.  The dialog is accessible as a menu option from the program screen:

Select the name of the bot corresponding to the field on which you'd like to clear skulls.  The model of the skull used in that field will appear in the "model" label, and the number of skulls currently present will appear below.  The "rate of clearing" option sets how fast the skulls will be cleared, in the number of objects per second.  Setting this value too high could cause the world server to disconnect the bot, while setting it too low could cause the cleanup process to take an inordinate amount of time.

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