How Health Works

Health is a new feature in Ultimate Paintball 4.00 that increases the complexity and strategy level of the game of paintball.  Instead of being killed instantly after a shot or grenade firing as in previous versions, health can be enabled to require multiple shots per kill.

Every player begins each round with a health value of 100%.  This value can be increased by acquiring healing orbs that are scattered throughout the playing field, if they are enabled.  Each orb increases a player's health by 25%, up to a maximum value of 125%.

A player can lose health after being shot normally.  The amount of health lost depends on the distance of the shooter away from the target.  A point-blank shot will cause a 50% health depletion, while the amount of health lost will decrease linearly out to the maximum kill distance.  Thus, if the maximum kill distance is 100 meters, and a player is standing 80 meters from his or her target, the target will lose 10% of his or her health.  In the same game, if the player is standing only 10 meters from the target, the target will lose 45% of his or her health.

Grenades, if enabled, function similarly, except that a direct grenade hit will only decrease the target's health by 33%.  Thus, while grenades can allow players to fire across the field, the health loss is not as great as that obtained from a point-blank hit.  The amount of health lost depends on the distance of each player from the target for grenades.  The distance from the shooter has no effect.

There is a slight delay after firing a shot or grenade before a second shot can be fired, to avoid instant kills by double- or triple-clicking.

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