Start and stop times

It is possible for a game host to organize a timed match.  Timed paintball matches are useful in tournaments where a prize is awarded for the most kills between certain times.

To set start and stop times for a paintball match, select the "Start and stop times" menu option on the program screen:

Enter the date and time for which to start and stop paintball in "MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM" format, and leave the application in "stopped" mode.  When the appropriate time arrives, the network will automatically begin paintball.  When the appointed stop time arrives, paintball will end but the bots will still be available for players (and the host) to examine the scores.  Note that either of these fields may be left blank to disable them.  For example, if the game has already started and the host wishes to end the game at a specified time, then a stop time can be entered while leaving the start time blank.

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