The Program Screen

The program screen allows the host of the application to keep track of some in-world statistics while the game is being played.  Keep in mind that many other statistics, such as health and weapons, are only available through in-world chat and whispers.

If scoring is enabled, the total number of kills will appear in the "total kills" label at the top of the screen.  In addition, the number of players currently in any world in the network will be displayed in the "number of players" field.

To broadcast a message across the network, type the message in the "Broadcast" box and press Enter.  Whatever is typed there will be "said" by all of the bots in the network, making this a quick way to send an important message to everyone who is currently playing.

The status box, located below the broadcast field, allows the host to monitor the game status.  Messages pertaining to many game functions, ranging from kills to health levels to entrances and exits of players are added to the status display as they occur.  Use the scroll bar on the right side of the box to view any of the last two thousand lines of chat or messages.

The players list displays the names of all current players, the worlds in which they are located, their exact location, the number of times they killed opponents, the number of times they died, and their kill-to-death ratios.  This list is continually updated as the said information changes.  Finally, the line of text at the bottom of the screen keeps users informed about whether paintball is enabled.

When you first start the program, if no powerups are enabled, the game will be in "stop" mode.  In stop mode, players cannot kill each other, nor can they access any bot functions.  To start the game, choose "Start" from the "Game" menu.  Note that if grenades, frenzy powerups, or healing orbs are enabled, the application will go through a "querying process" at first to locate all of the powerups on the field.  After a few minutes, this querying process will finish, and the "Start" option will become available.  The "Pause" option returns the application to "stopped" mode in the case that the game must be halted while in progress.  Press "Stop" to end the game when you're finished.

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