Scoring and score files

Scoring is a powerful feature of Ultimate Paintball that, while adding a great deal to the game of paintball, can be confusing at first.  Scores for a particular network match are stored in "score files," which are no more than simple text files that can be opened in Windows notepad for examination.

Score files record three major components of a match:  the number of kills per player, the number of times each player died, and (if enabled) the number of grenades that each player is currently holding.  Since these statistics are stored together in a particular file, creating a new file will reset these values.

To create a new file in the Game Options dialog, simply enter the name of a file that doesn't exist.  Click the "disable" button to disable scoring.  Note that with scoring disabled, players cannot save grenades between matches, and no statistics of their activities will be kept.

If scoring is enabled, a third statistic is kept: the kill-to-death ratio.  The kill-to-death ratio is simply the number of kills for a particular player divided by the number of deaths for that player.  Players with a higher kill to death ratio kill more than they die, and thus are more efficient players.  The "kills," "deaths," "ratios," and "stats" verbal commands can be used to determine statistics for individual players.  The "/setkills" command allows bosses to change the scores of individual players.

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