Teams and team files

Teams and team files add another dimension to paintball by promoting teamwork among players.

To create a new team file, simply specify the name of a file that doesn't exist by clicking "Open" on in the Login Options dialog box.  The application will then prompt you for the maximum number of players to be allowed on a team.  This value determines how many players may join a team at any one time - when a team is full, no more players may join until another leaves or is removed.  Enter the number of players that is wanted and press Enter.

Teams can be created by any player who is not a member of an existing team.  The names of teams are regulated by the Bad Words List - if a team name contains any of the words specified on the list, it will not be accepted for creation.  When a user attempts to join a team, the leader of the team has up to thirty seconds to confirm the player's join request.  Thus, a player cannot be admitted to a team without the leader's approval.  Players can also be removed from teams with the "disband" command as explained on the verbal commands page.

Statistics for each team are kept separately of the team's players' statistics.  If a player on a team makes a kill, the kill is credited both to the player's individual statistics, and to the statistics of the team of which he or she is a member.  If, in the future, that player was to leave the team, the team would still retain all of the kills (and deaths) that he or she earned while a member of the team.  Thus, the leader of each team is responsible for ensuring that the team's members are serious about playing and that they will not rack up useless deaths.  Players can be removed with the "reject" command - see verbal commands.

Teammates may not kill each other without penalty.  Not only will team kills not be added to the team's kill count, but the team's deaths total will increase by one for each team kill.  If grenades are enabled, teammates caught in the radius of explosions will also add one death each to the team's totals.  Teammates killed while the killer is in a frenzy will earn a team two deaths.

The verbal commands that are available for manipulating team files are explained in detail on the verbal commands page.  Most commands are available only to team leaders, but some are available to bosses as well.

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