Grenades and frenzy powerups

Grenades and frenzy powerups allow players to fire with different effects than can be achieved with traditional paintball.

Both types of weapons are depicted throughout the playing field as objects created at the "average field elevation" specified in the Login Options dialog box using the model and action you specify.  Grenades are created with a description of "Click to obtain a grenade!," while frenzy powerups are created with a description of "Click to obtain a frenzy powerup!"  To obtain either of these items, a player simply clicks on an appropriate object while outside of the ground zero area.

Grenades remove the "kill distance" restriction from players.  If the "maximum kill distance" is set to 40 meters with the regular weapon, then players who have not armed grenades can only kill others when they are less than 40 meters apart.  A player who has armed a grenade may kill anyone in the playing field, regardless of distance.  Furthermore, an explosion occurs around that player, and all other players within the "grenade kill radius" are also killed.  Thus, it is possible to earn many kills after firing a single grenade if many people are bunched together.  The person at which the grenade is fired is considered to have been killed by a "direct hit," while those standing within the kill radius from that player who are also killed are considered to have been killed indirectly.

Grenades can never kill anyone in GZ, no matter whether the hit is direct or indirect.  To arm a grenade, a player must either say (or whisper) the "arm" command to the bot  in a world where grenades are enabled.  If grenades are not enabled in that world, the "arm" command has no effect.

Frenzy powerups allow a player to earn two kill points for each kill they make after being collected.  The powerups last for thirty seconds, after which time normal scoring resumes.  The powerups do not affect the number of death points issued to the killed player.

Frenzy powerups do not affect same-team kills.  Grenades may contribute to same-team kills and increase the deaths total of a team significantly if teammates are within a grenade's kill radius.

The number of grenades and frenzy powerups in a given world can be determined in the Set Weapons dialog box:

Healing orbs are explained on the health and healing orbs page.  The number of each type of powerup for the given world is listed in the textboxes on the form.  To change the number of powerups in a given world, simply select the name of the bot in the "bot" combo box, and then adjust the values for the number of each type of powerup.  Click the "set" button to apply changes.  Click "Done" to return to the program screen.  Note that it takes a few minutes to add powerups to the field because of the randomizing algorithm used.  Clicking "Done" will not interrupt the creation of powerups after pressing set, so it is possible to return to the program screen and continue administering the game while powerups are being added.

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