Property Search Results

When you run the Property Search tool and choose to view the results, the following form assists you in viewing the objects found:

Figure 10: The Property Search Results Dialog, with a few objects found.

The property search utility is most useful for deleting objects that are undesirable or for locating aged builds for which you might have forgotten the locations.  The property search bots scan the world in "zones," each of which is 12 by 12 coordinates in length.  The number of these zones queried and the number remaining is displayed on the main program screen as scanning commences.

As objects are located, they are displayed in a list form.  Checkboxes next to each object provide a means of deleting the object you specify.  If you would like to delete a particular object, simply select its checkbox, and select "Delete" from the Objects menu.  You can delete all of the objects that are currently listed by clicking Edit and choosing "Select All...." or clear your selections by clicking Edit and then choosing "Unselect All."  You can hide the results screen by choosing Actions... Hide Results, or by clicking the "Hide Results" button.

When you choose to delete objects, a separate dialog box appears that allows you to control the deletion of the objects:

Figure 11: Deleting Objects

Set the rate at which objects are deleted by changing the number of Objects per second.  If you have a fast connection, it's possible that you may be able to delete objects more quickly than if you have a slower connection; experiment with the number of objects to determine an appropriate rate at which to delete.  Click "Start" to begin deleting, and click "pause" while deletion is ongoing to pause deleting objects.

As objects are deleted, several lists are filled.  The "total objects to delete" list specifies how many objects remain to be deleted in the current set of deletions.  The "sent" list specifies how many deletion requests were sent to the world server.  After requests are sent, they either succeed or fail, and the numbers of each column increase accordingly.  If an object is successfully deleted, it is removed from the list of "found" objects; if an object fails, it remains on the list.  Note that you can only delete objects of a citizen number other than the ones for which the bots are logged in unless at least one bot has the right of eminent domain in the current world.

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