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Fri, 16.11.2007 15:27
I apologize for directing the comment at Strike, but I don't apologize for criticizing you , SimPlaza, about your s [...]
Fri, 16.11.2007 14:41
"I was starting to think that maybe I was wrong in labeling you a "Crusher" of free speech ." Ah, the guilt trip [...]
Fri, 16.11.2007 11:32
*Corrected because t, not Strike, was the real au thor of the comment. Sim, y ou aren't helping people [...]
Fri, 16.11.2007 00:48
sigh Brant, you really ne ed to STFU. Then you wouldn 't see the reason for Martin l ocking your one thread a [...]
Matthew about What's next
Wed, 14.11.2007 14:18
A runoff system would do a muc h better job of representing t he users, I think, as well as a long planned and relea [...]
SW Chris about What's next
Wed, 14.11.2007 13:05
You think gerrymandering who c an be voted for would have got ten you a different result, eh ? Probably.
Wed, 14.11.2007 07:32
In response to item #4: DaB ean doesn't "head" AWNewbie. I do. DaBean is an assistant ca retaker not the careta [...]
Tue, 13.11.2007 10:19
See, Anthony, the thing is tha t nobody in this election has actually questioned any of the issues. Instead of put [...]
Tue, 13.11.2007 00:28
"But at the end of the day, it 's up to the public who they w ant. Your blog picking the can didates to the core, tur [...]
Sat, 10.11.2007 02:24
"Matthew and DaBean are both f ar better candidates than the "Crusher." Get out and vote to lend them your support! [...]


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