The People Search Interface

In addition to using a Locator Bot to interface with the AW Universe directly, the operator of the Activeworlds Utility can access many features from the program's interface.

Figure 6: The Results of the People Search displayed in the Utility's interface.

You can view a list of all people currently located by the People Search function of the Utility by looking at the People Search Results dialog.  If the dialog is not visible, click "Show Results" under the Options menu in the main program screen.

If you select a user and choose Edit...... Copy, you can copy that person's coordinates to the clipboard for later use.  In addition, the Edit menu contains several commands, Select All and Unselect All, which can assist in performing actions on everyone found or in clearing your choices to start from scratch.

The Actions Menu allows you to perform actions on users that are either checked or selected.  Whether each action is performed on checked or selected avatars is indicated by each menu choice.  To teleport yourself to the same location as a given user, select that person and press CTRL-T, or choose Actions..... Activeworlds Teleport.  You will immediately be teleported to the selected location, provided that the Activeworlds Browser is open.  No bots are logged in to perform this function, so you can use it regardless of the current world you are visiting.

If at least one of the citizen numbers you supplied has eject rights in the world that is being scanned, you can perform four additional actions.  If you check a number of avatars and select the "Teleport to...." option, you can teleport these avatars to any location.  Just enter a location and press "OK," and the users will be teleported.  The same applies to Ejecting citizens - simply select the citizens you wish to eject, enter the eject duration, and choose "OK."  You can look up the IP address of a specified user by selecting the appropriate person and choosing "Lookup IP."  The IP address is displayed in a message box for you to see.

You can also specify a list of citizens to be ejected each time the bot finds these citizens.  This feature can be extremely useful as it is currently one of the only ways to eject a citizen by citizen number, as opposed to IP address.  Previously, users who had dynamic IP addresses could reenter worlds after they reconnected to their Internet provider.  If you add these users to an eject list, they will be ejected each time a Seeker Bot or the Locator Bot detects them, leaving them no refuge in your world regardless of their IP configuration!

Figure 7:  Enforcing an Eject List

To add someone to the eject list, simply enter a citizen number in the text box, and click add.  To remove someone from the list, select the appropriate name and click "remove."  When you select "OK," the list is saved to a disk and will remain active even if you restart the Utility until you remove the names from the list.  Citizens on the eject list are ejected for one day each time they are encountered by a Seeker or Locator Bot.

Finally, regardless of whether or not you have eject in a particular world, you can hide the results list by clicking "hide results," or selecting the option from the "Search" menu.  This option is most useful when you are running a continuous scan from a server and won't be looking at the list from the interface itself.

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