The Locator Bot

The Locator Bot feature allows you to provide an interface in the Active Worlds Universe so that results from Seeker Bot searches can be obtained from any AW citizen or tourist.  Consider Figure 5, from the previous help topic:

Figure 5a: The Locator Bot is configured in a similar fashion to the Seeker Bots.

To use a Locator Bot, check the "Locator Bot Mode" checkbox in the Seeker Bot pane.  The Locator Bot pane becomes enabled and the options for the Locator Bot can be changed.

The Bot Name is the name of the Locator Bot as it appears in the Active Worlds Universe, and the world is simply the world in which you would like the Locator Bot stationed.  Note that the Locator bot doesn't have to be stationed in the same world that is being scanned by Seeker Bots, which is particularly useful for those world owners that would like an easy way to determine who is in their worlds without having to visit the world to search for people themselves.  Alternatively, the Locator Bot can be stationed in the same world in a public place for use by any visitors to that world.

You can specify the citizen number, privilege password, and location of the bot in the following boxes.  The Avatar box specifies the number of the avatar that the bot should use, which can be determined by entering the world in question, clicking on the "Avatar" menu of the AW browser, and counting, starting at zero, down the menu until you reach the avatar you want.

Finally, you can specify a welcome message to notify citizens of the bot's presence and to help them use the bot in the case that they are unfamiliar with its commands.  The Locator Bot whispers the message you specify to everyone who enters the bot's range.  To include a person's name in this message, use the phrase "%p" in the message.  Note that, since the Locator Bot scans the area in which it is located continually like a normal Seeker Bot, users within the Locator Bot's range will always be displayed in the People Search results.

Alternatively, you could disable the welcome message feature, which causes the bot to remain invisible to all users except those with the right to Eject.  If you would like to monitor a particular area of a world continuously for new visitors, or add visitors to a different world to the those found, simply disable the welcome message feature and the Locator Bot serves as a Seeker Bot that continually scans the same area.

The verbal commands that anyone can use from within the AW Universe are as follows:

[anything except the commands listed below] Instructs the Locator Bot to whisper a list of all users currently located by the Locator Bot or the Seeker Bots and their locations.  This command is triggered when a user whispers anything to the Locator Bot except the commands listed below.
locate [name] Instructs the Locator Bot to search the list of found users, locate the name you specify, and display that user's name and location to you.  If [name] has not been found by the Seeker Bots or has "hidden" him- or herself, an error message is returned (see below).
visit [name] Instructs the Locator Bot to teleport you to the same location as the person you specify.  If the person is "hidden" or not within the Seeker Bots' range, an error is returned.
hide me Instructs the Locator Bot to remove your name from the lists returned to people who request a list from the Locator Bot.  Note that hiding your name does not make you invisible in the program's list itself, so the bot's operator can still determine your location.  You may not use the Locator Bot to determine the locations of others while hidden, so use this command only when you don't wish to use the Locator Bot at all.
unhide me Performs the opposite function of the "hide me" command, making your name visible to all users in the world and restoring your access to the Locator Bot's other functions.

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