Moving an Object

At times, it is necessary to move an object a long distance in order to create a "seed object" to begin building.  In some instances, using a bot is not practical because your bot limit would be exceeded, or the world in which you are building doesn't allow bots.  In these cases, you can move an object a number of clicks away from other buildings and get a fresh start with the AW Utility.

Figure 4: The Move Object tab of the Configuration screen, configured to move an object five
meters forward.

Moving an object is simple.  First, be sure that you either own the object or have ED in the desired world, and then select the object.  Next, select the direction in which you would like to move the object, and the number of spaces (half-meters) you would like to move the object.  For example, to move a sign3.rwx seed object 1 kilometer north, you would enter 2000 in the distance box, and select the direction to move relative to the direction you are facing.  Select the object, and begin copying.  When the process is complete, you can teleport to where the object moved, and start building!

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