Duplicating Objects in a Rectangle

There are instances that are better suited to duplicating objects in a rectangle than in a straight line.  For example, if you wish to begin a new building project, your first step would most likely be to cover your land.  You could attempt to duplicate a line of objects and then select several at a time while counting the exact number needed, or you can take care of the groundcover quickly and easily using the Activeworlds Utility.

Figure 3:  The Configuration dialog correctly configured to cover a 40 by 40 coordinate area
with objects the size of walk001h.rwx.  Notice that, because each click in the AW browser is
equal to one half meter, the 10 by 10 meter walk is actually 20 by 20 clicks in length and width.

The easiest way to use this mode is to stand in a corner of the area you wish to cover.  Objects are always duplicated in front of you, so face down the edge of the area you want covered.  Then, decide whether you want the objects to extend to the right of your location, or to the left and select the appropriate option in the Direction combo box.

Next, select the number of objects (total) that you would like when duplication is finished.  In this instance, the program is set to produce a set of objects 40 objects long (away from you in the direction you are facing) and 40 objects wide (to the left or right, depending on which direction you selected), for a total of 1600 objects.

As in the line builder mode, enabling the "3.x speed increase" option causes the program to send CTRL-[INSERT] key combinations to the AW browser instead of simulating single clicks.  Note that, because an object duplicated with CTRL-[INSERT] is placed immediately behind the original object, it is not necessary to specify the length of the object away from you.  You can use this mode when you don't want to have to determine the length of the object.  Experiment to determine whether checking this option improves performance on your computer.

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