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News Archives

The following news was posted on the entry page over the history of the Village.

March 18, 2001 (Sunday) - 12:43PM
All pages have now been corrected and updated.  Be sure to check out this month's feature, our free programs section, and to vote on the current poll.
March 15, 2001 (Thursday) - 5:50PM
We are in the process of updating the Village pages after the March issue.  Please bear with us for the next day while each individual section is updated.
January 19, 2001 (Friday) - 6:58AM

The February 2001 issue of the Village has been published! Click the Current Issue link to read!

January 3, 2001 (Wednesday) - 7:25PM

The Unseen, a special report on those who are less visible around UMHS and in society in general, has now been posted. Click here to read! Feel free to post any comments you may have on the Village Forum!

December 18, 2000 (Monday) - 6:24PM
A special report by the Village editors, entitled The Unseen will be available tomorrow! On a related note, publication of the Village has been halted until the conclusion of the first semester, to resume in February 2001. We encourage you to visit our website regularly in the interval to keep updated with recent news!
December 5, 2000 (Tuesday) - 6:24PM
Yesterday, the Village editors decided that a major change was necessary if the Village was to survive. Poor scheduling by the guidance office at UMHS has overloaded most seniors with AP and college-level courses this semester. Therefore, publishing the December issue of the Village will be impossible. We have decided to post online, at regular intervals, those sections which have been completed. Check back later tonight or tomorrow for the first section.
December 5, 2000 (Tuesday) - 6:22PM
Regular visitors will have noticed several changes to the Village site. To begin, we modified the color scheme of the site to be festive for the holidays. Second, many of the older pages that were causing performance issues have been removed.
November 15, 2000 (Wednesday) - 8:28PM
As you are probably aware, the November issue of the Village was forced into cancellation by the editors being forced to read a novel commonly referred to as Moby Dick. Needless to say, comprehending this work took almost all available time for three weeks, and the Village is just now recovering from it. Look for the Holiday Bonus issue to be arriving at your home in two weeks.
October 10, 2000 (Tuesday) - 7:38PM
The October issue (Volume 40) has been distributed and mailed to all subscribers. The issue can now be downloaded on the Current Issue page. In addition, the Discussion Forum topic for November's issue has been decided upon - look at the Upcoming in Future Issues page.
September 15, 2000 (Friday) - 7:38PM
We would like to notify our readers that the September issue of the Village has been canceled due to a lack of time for our editors. Simply put, every minute of spare time has been devoured by 6-7 hours of homework a night. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to be hearing from you when the October issue is published!
August 23, 2000 (Wednesday) - 11:32AM
Our Free Software page has expanded greatly in the past few days. Be sure to check it out!
August 22, 2000 (Tuesday) - 10:50AM
Yesterday, we received at Village headquarters a comic called Life's Ironies. Contributed by Sarah Duncan, we plan to include this comic in the September issue of the Village! Until then, we have posted it online for you to read now. If you like the comic, please send your feedback to You can read the comic by clicking here (403 KB).
August 22, 2000 (Tuesday) - 9:51AM
It may be necessary to postpone the September issue of the Village due to an enormously busy schedule and a huge workload. We'll keep you updated as the week progresses.
August 10, 2000 (Thursday) - 9:51AM
The wait is over! Now you can sign up for an entire year of the Village absolutely free. In fact, it's even possible that you'll make money while signing up! Enough with the talk though - Click here for more information or to get started!
August 7, 2000 (Monday) - 5:49PM
Yes, you read the above right. After days of brainstorming and searching for a way to reduce subscription costs and increase our readership, we came across a website that solves all those problems and more. In exchange for signing up, this site will give us $5, and give you an additional $5, thus covering the subscription costs! We are still in the process of integrating this service into our website, so we can't tell you how just yet. Check back later in the week to sign up for a full year of paper issues FREE of charge!
August 4, 2000 (Friday) - 10:23PM

After 7 hours of exhausting work, the editors at the Village have completely revamped the entire Village website. Take a look around - because every single page was changed in some way, everything's new. Here's some of the highlights, however:

All issues now posted online!
New Web Forums allow you to discuss the Village online!
The Village poll lets you voice your opinions on the issues!
Our free software page features the latest freeware programmed by our editors!
The What is Shoemaker Village page is now up to date!
You can now request a free trial issue of the Village!
Evan's Quest and The Knights of the Square Table are now posted!
In addition to being posted, Evan's Quest is now fully checked for grammatical errors!
Over 100 megabytes of downloads have been added throughout the site!
Our contact information has finally been posted!
The comment form is now online and operational from all pages!
Over 300 broken links are now working!

As you can see, we spent the entire day finishing the site. Hopefully, now it is the resource that everyone in the Village community has come to expect and will help you keep in touch with your interests!

August 4, 2000 (Friday) - 3:34PM
The August 2000 issue of the Village has now been mailed to subscribers, as well as posted online at our current issue section.
August 4, 2000 (Friday) - 10:00AM
We are currently in the process of a major upgrade to the website. Check back today to check on our progress. After the upgrade is complete, we hope to have the August issue of the Village posted.
June 29, 2000 (Tuesday) - 4:36PM
There seemed to be a problem with the comment form link.  Although the form was complete, the link was pointing in the wrong direction.  In addition, the July issue of the Village has been postponed until Friday, July 14.  We are sorry for any inconvienence this may have caused you.
June 6, 2000 (Tuesday) - 3:21PM
  The CGI scripts are now operational! If you would like to submit comments, subscribe to the Village, or sign up for our mailing list, please use the links on the left. In addition, the current (June 2000) issue is now posted, and the May 2000 issue has been added to our news archives.
May 24, 2000 (Wednesday) - 4:44PM
  After a month of perfecting, we have finally declared the new website finished. However, the CGI scripts on the webpages are still nonoperational. If anyone can help us, please email us below. In related news, the June issue of the Village now consists of 56 pages, and will be distributed this Friday. Check back again later for updates!

We plan to have our forms fully operational before June 1. Until then, if you wish to subscribe or submit comments, email us at or click here.

April 17, 2000 (Monday) - 7:25PM
  During the next week, the editors of the Village will be taking a brief vacation from updating the Village and its webpages. Almost all of the sections are now online except for the ones you will find with no links on the left side. These sections use CGI scripts to achieve their functions, and we have not been able to get them to work. If you know CGI programming, please email us if you can help. If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, subscribe, or submit comments, you can do so by E-Mailing us. We hope to return at the start of next month's Village publication, on Tuesday, April 25. Thank you for your understanding. 
April 16, 2000 (Sunday) - 7:25PM
  The second update to our webpages is now online. Though there are still many broken links and incomplete CGI scripts, about 70% of the site is now operational.
April 10, 2000 (Monday) - 3:18PM
  We have been forced to delay the official opening of our site a few days due to unforseen problems in getting our CGI scripts working. We hope to have the pages completed before the end of the week.