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The following members of the Village staff dedicated their time and effort to making the Village the best it could possibly be between 1997 and 2001.  This page was written in early 2002.

Stephen Sokolowski


Since Stephen began the Village back in May 1997 as a hobby to keep in touch with neighbors, it has grown into a way for neighbors in the Shoemaker Village development to stay involved in local affairs, as well as offering others on the Internet a chance to share their writing. Recently, Stephen has taken an active role as the current Public Relations officer for the Penn State Abington Student Government Association, and is involved heavily on campus.  In his free time, Stephen enjoys programming, playing videogames, and watching or playing basketball.

Amanda Dilks

Assistant Editor

Amanda first joined the Village staff in the Spring of 1999 as a story contributor, but has been the assistant editor since February 2000. In her spare time Amanda enjoys playing the piano, playing soccer or volleyball, and playing with her dog, Ziggy. Starting in the Fall of 2001, Amanda attended Drexel University in Philadelphia as a civil engineering major.

Steven Conway

Story Contributor

Steve Conway is one of the longest standing members of the Village staff. Conway, which we have come to call him, heard about the Village in the fall of 1997, and volunteered to help shortly after. Besides being a Captian on the school's basketball and football teams, Conway enjoys betting on horseraces in his free time, and currently attends LaSalle University.

Jean Sokolowski

Jean has been proofreading each issue of the Village since the debut of our professional publication. Working for the National Park Service, Jean enjoys playing video games and reading in her spare time.

Hank Sokolowski

Hank has been in charge of printing the Village for most of its history. During the day, Hank cleans up hazardous waste sites as an Environmental Manager for the US EPA. After work, Hank enjoys refereeing basketball games and watching movies.

Christopher Sokolowski

Chris, while not a regular contributor to the Village, helps collate and distribute each of the numerous copies of the Village that are published every month.

Daniel Burgess
Story Contributor

Daniel Burgess joined us in February 2000 after meeting us through the Activeworlds universe. Residing in Yorkshire, England, Daniel regularly contributes to the Village with his novel Evan's Quest, as well as writing short stories from time to time.

Sarah Duncan

Story Contributor

Sarah originally lived in the Willow Grove area, but moved to New Hampshire in June 2000. After her move, she continued to contribute actively to the Village, and currently attends the University of New Hampshire.