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Beta Test Program

Shoemaker Village operates a beta test program for the applications available on this site.  Beta testing allows limited testing of software by some users before releasing the finished version to all users.  During beta testing, bugs and glitches frequently interfere with proper operation of software.  The purpose of offering these pre-release versions is solely to eliminate bugs, and as such changes may be made before the final release.

Do not download these files if you are not familiar with beta testing.  Do not use them in large building worlds without backing up the worlds first, since bugs could cause damage.  Shoemaker Village and Stephen Sokolowski are not responsible for any damage incurred to your computer as a result of your testing this software.

If you're still willing to test, a forum has been set up at for bug reports, suggestions, and support.  Be sure to log in as soon as possible after downloading beta software to introduce yourself and offer initial thoughts.  Sometimes, impressions are just as important as definite errors. Do not send bug reports by E-Mail or telegram under any circumstances, since this only requires extra work to be undertaken to notify all testers of the bug!  This forum is where all reports will be read.

A bug list is available at, and a release notes page is available at  Please read these lists before reporting bugs to be sure that your bug hasn't already been reported.  Read the help files before posting any bugs to be sure the behavior you're describing isn't intended!

Download Ultimate Paintball 4.04 (release - build 31)
Download Demeter 1.30 (release - build 30)
Download Activeworlds Utility 1.11 (release - build 9)

Help and Documentation for all applications