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Below, you will find most of the issues of the Village that have been published since May 1997.

The files below are in WordPerfect 9 format. While most computers have WordPerfect installed, some people who wish to view these issues can possibly use Word to read the text portion of the articles. Though Microsoft Word is now largely compatible with WordPerfect, some older versions of Word may experience trouble loading the documents, and even then display incorrect data. If you still wish to download the files and do not have WordPerfect or Word installed, then we suggest you download the Microsoft Word Viewer, which you can download for free at

If you have not downloaded issues of the Village previously, download the Papyrus font before continuing to ensure the correct display of titles.

NOTE: Due to an incident in January 1998, some content in the May and June 1997 issues has been lost. Unfortunately, these files have proven to be unrecoverable. In addition, a scrambled ZIP file has made impossible to unzipping the file containing the April 1998 issue, and that issue has been lost.

May 1997 (Volume 8)
June 1997 (Volume 9)
July 1997 (Volume 10)
August 1997 (Volume 11)
September 1997 (Volume 12)
October 1997 (Volume 13)
November 1997 (Volume 14)
December 1997 (Volume 15)
March 1998 (Volume 16)
May 1998 (Volume 18)
June 1998 (Volume 19)
July 1998 (Volume 20)
August 1998 (Volume 21)
September 1998 (Volume 22)
October 1998 (Volume 23)
December 1998 (Volume 24)
February 1999 (Volume 25)
March 1999 (Volume 26)
April 1999 (Volume 27)
May 1999 (Volume 28)
June 1999 (Volume 29)
July 1999 (Volume 30)
September 1999 (Volume 31)
October 1999 (Volume 32)
November 1999 (Volume 33)
December 1999 (Volume 34)
February 2000 (Volume 35)
March 2000 (Volume 36)
April 2000 (Volume 37)
June 2000 (Volume 38)
August 2000 (Volume 39)
October 2000 (Volume 40)
February 2001 (Volume 41)
March 2001 (Volume 42)

UMHS Choir performance on December 24, 1998
This file is in MP3 format.