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The Knights of the Square Table

The Knights of the Square Table is a sequel written to The Biggest Adventure in History by Stephen Sokolowski, begun in June 1997. It began as a special story for the Village, but has now turned into a full-length novel over 360 pages long! In it, five characters from our present time are transferred back to what seems the Middle Ages, except that magic and weird creatures abound. During their quest, they encounter strange creatures, dangerous enemies, and fantastic peoples. Read it now to find out more!

The Biggest Adventure in History was not a novel, but rather a short story that had many of the characters that participate in The Knights of the Square Table involved. In The Biggest Adventure in History, four friends are transported back in time, and they are forced to find a way back by any means necessary.

You can download The Knights of the Square Table by clicking the link below.  This is version 10 of the novel (Posted on May 7, 2002). It is unformatted, and some sections have yet to be officially corrected. Please excuse any minor errors or inconsistencies while the document is proofread.

The Knights of the Square Table download
Date: May 7, 2002
Version: 10
Size: 285 KB
Click to download