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Activeworlds Utility

The Shoemaker Village Activeworlds Utility provides tools that assist builders and visitors of public building worlds.  Features include:

  • Duplicate objects in a line to create long continuous builds such as fences through the AW browser - no bots necessary.
  • Similarly, an area can be covered in a rectangle without the necessity of bots.
  • Objects can be moved hundreds of coordinates quickly as seed objects in worlds that don't allow bots.
  • Search for people in any world that allows bots, and display a list of all avatars present in an entire world, or part of a world that you specify, without any special rights!
  • Once a person or bot is found, it is possible manipulate the AW browser to teleport to an avatar, or to teleport the avatar to anywhere.
  • Eject any user in a world, even if you don't have Caretaker privileges.
  • All users can be teleported to a specific location when found, again regardless of Caretaker rights.
  • Eject all tourists in a world with one click.
  • Determine the IP address of any user again with only one click.
  • Allow any citizen in a world to visit another citizen with a simple whisper command.
  • Search for property in an entire world up to hundreds of times faster than most bots.
  • Use search criteria such as citizen number, model, action, description, timestamp, or search only part of a world (for example, a city in AlphaWorld).
  • Delete objects which constitute vandalism or are unnecessary, based on the search criteria you specify.
  • Keep troublemakers out of your world even if they have a dynamic IP address (for pre-3.3 worlds).

The Activeworlds Utility, along with complete documentation, is available below.

Activeworlds Utility's program screen

Activeworlds Utility Application Installation File
Filename: awutility.msi
Date: January 1, 2003
Version: 1.11
Size: 2,062 KB
Click to download

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