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Bug List

The following bugs have been reported in Shoemaker Village applications through beta testing, or after their releases.  Before reporting a bug, be sure to check this page for the latest status of all reported errors.

Bug# Product/Build Reported Status Description
53 Ultimate Paintball 4.03 8/24/03 Resolved in 4.04 If grenades are not enabled, the application still requires a grenade kill radius to be set in the setup screen.
52 Ultimate Paintball 4.03 8/11/03 Resolved in 4.04 The "avatar" option in the setup screen was being ignored.  Thanks to tag sVa for reporting this bug.
51 Demeter 1.28 6/29/03 Resolved in 1.29 The "all" command suffix was only available to users with eminent domain.
50 Demeter 1.26 6/27/03 Resolved in 1.27 Using the "hide," "show," or "delete" commands without any arguments would cause "Subscript out of range" errors.
49 Demeter 1.26 6/27/03 Resolved in 1.27 Attempting to show, hide, or delete terrain owned by a citizen name that does not exist would perform the same action on tourist property.
48 Demeter 1.25 6/22/03 Resolved in 1.26 Issuing an invalid command that was 231 characters or longer could cause Demeter to disconnect or crash.
47 Demeter 1.24 6/21/03 Resolved in 1.25 Computers running languages other than English would be unable to Apply the World Options or to modify terrain textures because the decimal point for the "default height" setting did not consider language settings.
46 Demeter 1.22 2/02/03 Resolved in 1.23 Demeter 1.22 would not run on computers where the regional settings specified a decimal point character other than ".".
45 Demeter 1.19 1/22/03 Resolved in 1.21 Issuing overlapping show or hide commands or issuing a "show ed" command while someone else is showing an area would cause Demeter to crash with a "This key already exists in this collection" error.
44 Demeter 1.18 1/11/03 Resolved in 1.19 Demeter does not always whisper that terrain features are online to all users in worlds where build is restricted.
43 Demeter 1.09-1.18 1/11/03 Resolved in 1.19 In a world where there is a citizen number ending with zero in the eminent domain rights list, and the zero is followed by a comma with no spaces, tourists could use the "delete ed" command.
42 Demeter 1.17 1/8/03 Resolved in 1.18 It is possible to delete objects without first enabling terrain.  This bug was reintroduced after removing the "Query on Login" feature.
41 Demeter 1.16 1/7/03 Resolved in 1.17 Demeter freezes for a short period of time when a long series of querying completes, such as after a fast run by a person who has enabled terrain, or after a "Query on Login."
40 Demeter 1.16 1/7/03 Resolved in 1.18 When Demeter queries an area where there are markers with a texture number lower than the minimum terrain texture, it will go into an infinite loop trying to "correct" these markers to the invalid texture number zero.
39 Demeter 1.16 1/7/03 Resolved in 1.17 When "Query on Login" is selected, sometimes Demeter doesn't finish the query completely according to the program screen, while the "stats" command shows 100% queried.
38 Demeter 1.15 1/6/03 Resolved in 1.16 The "max commands" feature took into account the number of outstanding queries as well as commands, resulting in no commands being executed when Demeter is heavily querying the world, such as when the "Query on Login" option is enabled.
37 Demeter 1.15 1/6/03 Resolved in 1.16 A bug introduced in version 1.15 causes Demeter to freeze during queries.
36 Demeter 1.14 1/5/03 Resolved in 1.15 The Activity Log's columns would be out of order for long tourist names.
35 Demeter 1.14 1/5/03 Resolved in 1.15 The "Browse" button for the Activity Log would copy only the title of the file to the text box and not the full path, saving the log in the application directory regardless of which directory was actually selected.
34 Demeter 1.14 1/5/03 Resolved in 1.15 The "PPW" field should be renamed something more descriptive because there aren't any passwords being displayed.
33 Demeter 1.14 1/5/03 Resolved in 1.15 Dates and times don't follow Windows localization standards.
32 Demeter 1.14 1/5/03 Resolved in 1.15 The minimize button is no longer available.
31 Demeter 1.12 1/3/03 Resolved in 1.13 Demeter needs to provide error checking on the fields in the World Options frame, and needs to connect to the default AW universe if the Universe and Port fields are left blank.
30 Demeter 1.12 1/2/03 Resolved in 1.13 Demeter disconnects and reconnects rapidly, flooding the user with entry messages, when the "query on login" box is checked in some worlds.
29 Activeworlds Utility 1.11 1/2/03 Working The "objects to copy" and the "object size" labels are switched when attempting to use the Rectangle Builder utility.
28 Demeter 1.12 1/1/03 Resolved in 1.13 The Activity Log is a mess because different actions have different ways of being reported to the log - it would be more intuitive if all actions had the name, privilege password, time, and action in separated columns.
27 Demeter 1.12 12/31/02 Probably Resolved in 1.15 An "invalid procedure call or argument" crash occurs seemingly at random, after Demeter has been running for two days or more.
26 Demeter 1.11 12/29/02 Resolved in 1.12 When "query on login" is selected, and Demeter is in the process of querying the world for the first time, users can delete terrain objects without enabling a terrain session.
25 Ultimate Paintball 4.02 12/28/02 Resolved in 4.03 When more than 255 characters total were entered in all the text fields on the Login screen, an "bad record length" error would prevent the saving of bot files.
24 Demeter 1.11 12/27/02 Resolved in 1.12 Demeter would crash with an "Error 457" when the two people who had both enabled terrain were in the same area of the world, or when one person who had enabled terrain walked back and forth rapidly.
23 Demeter 1.11 12/27/02 Resolved in 1.12 The activity log lists all bots who attempt to enable terrain as citizen zero.
22 Demeter 1.10 12/27/02 Resolved in 1.11 The addition of a new terrain object anywhere in a world causes Demeter to send a "The show/hide process has been completed" to all users.
21 Demeter 1.08 12/14/02 Resolved in 1.10 The tray icon Restore/Quit menu would display if the program screen was right-clicked, even if not minimized.
20 Demeter 1.09 12/26/02 Resolved in 1.10 If the checkbox for "terrain sessions always enabled" is changed while Demeter is active and logged in, Demeter would automatically disable all terrain sessions immediately upon being enabled.
19 Demeter 1.07 12/8/02 Resolved in 1.08 When Demeter disconnects from a world, it does not close all terrain sessions if any are open, which will prevent querying upon reconnect.
18 Ultimate Paintball 4.00 12/6/02 Resolved in 4.01 Returning to ground zero to fire is still required even if this option isn't enabled in a particular world.
17 Demeter 6 12/4/02 Resolved in 1.07 It is difficult to tell which version of Demeter a world is using.
16 Demeter 6 12/4/02 Resolved in 1.07 The "World Connect" event is printed to the activity log every time the world attributes are received.
15 Demeter 5 12/3/02 Resolved in 6 No notification is provided to users when Demeter is going offline.
14 Demeter 4 12/2/02 Resolved in 5 If Demeter enters a world where the user doesn't have Caretaker rights, no notification is issued to show that Demeter can't actually do anything.
13 Demeter 4 12/2/02 Resolved in 5 Terrain can't be enabled in worlds where build rights are listed as "*".
12 Demeter 3 12/1/02 Resolved in 4 The tooltip hints for several of the program screen buttons are inaccurate.
11 Demeter 3 12/1/02 Resolved in 4 Users without build rights can still seed objects and use other Demeter commands.
10 Demeter 2 12/1/02 Resolved in 3 Terrain objects would begin to duplicate for no apparent reason after several disconnections.
9 Demeter 2 12/1/02 Resolved in 3 The avatars list is showing the wrong number of avatars upon a disconnection.
8 Demeter 2 12/1/02 Resolved in 3 Two tourists or a citizen and a bot using the same privilege password, or two citizens using the same privilege password cannot enable terrain simultaneously.
7 Demeter 2, Ultimate Paintball 27, Activeworlds Utility 1.10, Vote Bot 1.10 11/30/02 Resolved The upgrade utility sometimes fails to properly complete the upgrade and deletes all files to be upgraded first, requiring a reinstall of either the older or newer version.
6 Demeter 2 11/30/02 Resolved in 3 The "stats" command returns no output.
5 Ultimate Paintball 4.00 11/29/02 Resolved in 4.01 Ultimate Paintball does not notify bot owners if they don't have build or eject rights.
4 Ultimate Paintball 4.00 11/29/02 See bug 5 Grenade kills do not teleport or eject users.
3 Demeter 1 11/29/02 Resolved in 2 Terrain objects are deleted immediately after being added to the world.
2 Ultimate Paintball 4.00 11/29/02 Resolved in 4.01 The first kill is whispered as kill number zero to avatars when scoring is enabled.
1 Demeter 1 11/29/02 Irreproducible The program screen of Demeter gives a warning about non-numerical values in fields upon the first run.