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The following table details a list of features that hope to be added to Shoemaker Village software at sometime in the future.

Wish# Wished Product Requests Status Description
11 8/24/03 Ultimate Paintball 1 Working An overhaul to turn an entire world into a paintball world using 3.4 features.
10 1/11/03 Demeter 1 Available in 1.20 The ability to explicitly set the default terrain texture, instead of it being equal to the minimum terrain texture.
9 1/10/03 Demeter 1 Working A flag that allows users to click on terrain objects to hide, show, or delete them.
8 1/7/03 Demeter 1 Available in 1.21 The ability to save the column alignment settings in the Activity Log until the next run.
7 1/7/03 Demeter 1 Decided Against A way to set the AW_CELL_COMBINE attribute to "True," in order to speed up querying.
6 1/7/03 Demeter 1 Available in all programs A "skip" button or some other implementation to get past the splash screen without checking for updates.
5 1/7/03 Demeter 2 Working A feature to limit the maximum or minimum height at which users can build to prevent vandalism.
4 1/6/03 Demeter 1 Working The ability to enable Demeter only in part of a world.
3 12/10/02 Demeter 3 Working The ability to translate Demeter into different languages.
2 1/5/03 Demeter 1 Working Button or command to create markers for existing terrain on first start.
1 ? Demeter 2 Available in 1.24 Some sort of command appendix to the "hide," "show," "delete," and future commands that will allow eminent domain users to affect all land within the fifty-meter square or within the entire world that has a certain citizen number in order to eliminate vandalism.