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Response to The Unseen

I read “The Unseen” and I must be honest, I think it was the worst piece of writing I have ever seen in my life. I talk to Steve on a regular basis and he seems to be so proud of this article because it has stirred up a lot of controversy. Somebody better inform him that controversy is not necessarily a good thing. I have read two of the responses to his article and both of them state that this article is inaccurate. Allow me to jump on to the bandwagon if you will.

During this response to Steve’s article I intend to point out examples from his article. On the first page, Steve says, “...I don’t consider myself as one of the group I am about to describe.” My response to that - yeah, right. I participate in many more in school and out of school activities than he does. As you will see later in this article, he thinks I am one of the members of this Unseen group. If he thinks that I am unseen, then he must have fallen off the earth years ago. On the second page of the article, Steve says, “The unseen are those who try their hardest in everything they do but whose efforts prove fruitless.” A word to the wise, Steve. If you try your best in everything you do, your efforts will reflect that and you will get numerous offers at college scholarships, and acceptance letters from some of the finest institutions in the country. Once again, Steve has it backwards. Steve also states, “The unseen are those who were forced to pass up the opportunity to attend the school dance because they were rejected multiple times and eventually stopped trying.” Oh yeah, Steve. I believe that. I’ll bet you never asked a girl to one of the school dances. If by some off the wall chance you have, I want to know her name, what dance you asked her to, and how long did she laugh before she said no.

“Above all, however, the unseen are those who aren’t really that different from anyone else.” What the heck? This entire article is about people who are different from most of the people today. How can you possibly say that the unseen are not that different when you just said that they care about their schoolwork and constantly get rejected for dates for school dances. NEWS FLASH - most of the teenagers know the words to the latest Britany Spears or Eminem song and don’t know the capitals to the fifty states. That is sad.

“One of the unseen is involved on a school team, attends every practice, and still is the brunt of careless comments behind his back.” When I first read this article I said to Steve that this comment directly reflects to me. He replied it was a generalization. Sorry Steve, I’m not buying it. I am involved on a school team, I attend every practice, and I know I am the brunt of careless comments to my face, so I can just imagine what people are saying about me behind my back. People say, “Hey waterboy.” I don’t let it bother me because they don’t know the true story. They don’t know my title is student manager and they don’t know that I do much more for the football program than give out water during timeouts. So Steve, I think that I am seen by many of my peers. I’ll be willing to bet that you are in your own little group right now - you are the only one who thinks that what you wrote was satisfactory.