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E-Mail Response

by Poseidon

      It's Pos. What's up man? All right, after doing a little pondering of my own, I finally decided on my opinion. My opinion, and no one else's. First off - I think most of the people who read this completely missed the mark AND the point you were trying to make. In fact, if they had read the article correctly, they would have seen that you were trying to give some credit to those who aren't always acknowledged.  This in itself is something everyone should do. Second, I can completely see what you are trying to say about people who are bothered throughout their high school lives, though its not as dramatic as being picked out because of where you sat in your first day in geometry class.
      Sometimes, there are people who "slip through the cracks", and others who wish they would so the harassment would stop. These people are the reason we should all take into consideration our attitudes we show to all of our peers. Do you walk around with an almighty feeling because you have your friends at your side, and when you bump into someone you either laugh or ignore them? If so, next time it happens smile or say excuse me. It will make a world of difference to someone. I've tried it. A smile, or a "Sup" to someone who is alone in a line, or walking alone can make all the difference in a persons day whether they have friends or not.
      That is another problem - the fact that we have so many people walking around our high school campuses (and Jr High ones as well), who walk with the "Holier than thou" attitude. Those people are the real problems because it is usually them that begin the problems that follow certain people around. Those people are the types that make a teenager want to go home and do physical harm to themselves because of the fact that someone will NOT accept them no matter how hard they try. And it hurts, believe me. It hurts. But I think we all know that it hurts and remember that it hurts until we lose sight of the fact that we may have once been in the same position.
      In the end, I agree with you man. Keep it up!