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The Untitled Story

The Untitled Story was yet another failed experiment in including an additional novel in the Village. The story was first featured in the June 1998 issue, where three novels were published in the same issue (The Knights of the Square Table, The Untitled Story, and The Tomb of the Unknown World). Sean Malseed began writing this novel shortly before, and constructed several pages of plot notes and outlines on how the story was to progress. For unknown reasons, however, Sean refused to contribute any more articles to the Village afterward, and was later dismissed from the Village staff for incidents that occurred over the following summer.

The Untitled Story features the work of a scientist from the future who is attempting to create a time machine, but the competition of a rival group forces him to have strange behavior.

Because Sean chose to leave the Village, this is the final edition of his novel. It stands at one chapter and just under six pages of published text.

Read The Untitled Story (WordPerfect 9 format - 23,000 bytes)